Lu-Lu: An Auschwitz Fairy Tale
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Lulu, An Auschwitz Fairytale tells the story of a young Jewish clown forced on the trains to Auschwitz by the Nazis. She starts the journey with her family; however,upon their arrival they are separated and Lulu, the young clown, is forced to experience the horrors of Auschwitz alone. Lulu plays, sings, and dreams herwaythrough the camp finding surprises in every moment despite the constant threats of the Nazis.

The play is loosely based on Karine Koret’s grandmother's story of survival in Auschwitz. She is the granddaughter of survivors on both sides of her family. Karine Koret and director Shlomi Golan embark on a journey that challenges the way we are used to thinking about the Holocaust by bringing humor to the darkest moments in history.

Lulu, An Auschwitz Fairytale is a play that celebrates wonder and demonstrates how a third generation survivor shines new light on a familiar story.


a new play by karine koret and shlomi golan


"A clown in Auschwitz is almost an impossible combination, however in the the daring and creative performance of Koret, magic of the kind only possible in theater occurs."

-Ynet, Israel

photo by Sebastian Löder

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